Makerfire Falcon FPV300 Storm Racer Drone Flight Test Review

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The project of Falcon FPV300 has been accepted by Kickstarter, which means the project page is a preview one, to which visitor can give feedback. Visitors can also mark the project, so that they will be notified once the project goes live. Here is the link of project page:
This large FPV racing quadcopter is ready for action right out of the box. Other competitors usually require significant PID tuning to achieve smooth flight. This quadcopter is also configurable with open source Cleanflight, but consider first trying its out of the box configuration before fiddling with them. It’s really an enjoyable flier with its out of the box preset configuration. Not available yet, but coming very soon. Here’s more info direct from Makerfire

– Seems to be strongly built, mostly of carbon fiber, and with decorative/colorful plastic trim.
– 5.8Ghz 600mw FPV system with on screen display (OSD).
– 600 meter control and FPV range.
– Naze32 flight controller with open source Cleanflight flight control software If desired, you can configure it on your PC. But it also apparently can be configured in the field using the quadcopter’s built-in LCD screen in conjunction with the controller transmitter.
– FPV OSD voltage monitoring. But also cool LED voltage bar on the belly of the quadcopter. You can monitor voltage by flying overhead to view a row of four blue LED lights and a single red light. Consider landing when you’re down to the last blue light before you enter into the red. I’m sorry that I didn’t find out about this feature until after the flight.
– 11.1V 3800mah battery seems to provide plenty of power for prolonged flying. I flew it hard and still had plenty of power left for more flying. It’s advertised for up to 14 minutes flight time.
– Barometer controlled throttle smoothing. It’s not really an altitude hold feature, but instead it helps to dampen variance of throttle inputs to enable smoother altitude control. And you can turn this feature off in the configs if you want it more sporty.
– 300mm slightly large than other 250mm racers. Intent was to provide more stability by increasing distance between propellers.
– Fast and powerful, yet very smooth flier. A real bat out of hell that can be easily tamed. Not sure if you noticed in the video, but I really enjoyed the heck out of flying it, and can’t wait to go out again with it.

– Still brand spanking new. Not sure that it’s commercially available yet (although I did see a single questionable eBay listing. But I’d be wary of it). No instructions available yet, so this may require some experimentation to explore all of its features. For example, I’m sure it has horizon and acro modes, but I don’t know how to activate them yet.
– Proprietary battery.
– Requires FAA registration.

and here is its flight demonstration.

Makerfire 2206 motors
Naze32 flight controller with cleanflight and low voltage alarm
FPV tuned 700 TVL camera
600mW FPV transmitter with on screen display telemetry
3800mAH 3S battery and charger
ABS 6045 blades supplied 4ps
Flysky I6 transmitter supplied

Diagonal Length of Frame: 300mm
Size: 285(L)*227(W)*140mm(H) (Including the antennaοΌ‰
Weight: 850g(including batteryοΌ‰
Colors: Red/Blue /Black/White
Flight time: 14 minutes
Software Version: based on NAZE V1.81
Pan Tilt: Vibration-damping base(optional)
Sensors: Accelerometer, Digital Compass, Gyroscope, Barometer (Altitude)
Motor: MK2206,1900KV
Max thrust: 1840g
Payload: 990g
Battery: 3800mAh, 3S, 11.1V, 30C, 290g
Propellers: 6045
ESC: Beheli 20A
FPV Power: 600mW 5.8GHz
Video Resolution: 700TVL, PAL/NTSC
Real-time View: Manually adjustable camera angle
Transmission Distance: 600m
Remote Controller: MKF-i6
Receiver: MKF-iA6B
Control Distance: 600m
One-Key-Turn-On/Off Switch (Press for 2s)
GPS: Optional ( GPS Return, Hover )
Beep Alarm

Package Contents: 1 x Quadcopter, 1 x Transmitter, 1 x Battery, 1 X Charging Cable and Charger, 4 x Spare Blade, 1 x tool kit wrench, USB cable, Polarized FPV antenna

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