Making Viable Drone Based LiDAR

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Making Viable Drone Based LiDARPrecisionHawk

Throughout our years of work in engineering and government, we’ve seen the potential of drone-based Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). For projects that are a square mile or less, it would be faster and more cost-effective than collecting LiDAR data using manned aircraft. But the challenge has always been in matching the traditional method’s quality of data outputs.

PrecisionHawk has assembled a team to overcome this challenge — led by LiDAR expert Jamie Young. He’s a pioneer of the technology, with more than 20 years of experience leading geospatial firms. His work has included sensor development, applications development, data acquisition and data processing.

Jamie and his team are focused on achieving data resolution and accuracy that exceeds the expectations of professional businesses and government agencies.

“As I assessed the drone space, it became obvious that the UAV companies who were working on this technology were still in the early phases of delivering LiDAR data that meets the expectations of the broader geospatial industry,” said Jamie Young.

“I am excited to use my experience building LiDAR systems, providing data solutions and solving problems as we build out a holistic offering at PrecisionHawk.”

Young’s team is producing standardized LiDAR deliverables with metadata and formats that parallel those that our geospatial and government clients use now.

In addition, he’s integrating LiDAR datasets into existing client programs and developing specialized commercial applications. Continue reading about viable LiDAR.

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