Mavic Mini Deliveries On Hold Until November 11th

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New DJI Mavic Mini Deliveries On Hold Until November 11th

New DJI Mavic Mini Deliveries On Hold Until November 11th

Last week, DJI unveiled the new DJI Mavic Mini drone, the smallest, lightest, and safest DJI drone ever made. In the press release, the company stated that Mavic Mini would be available for pre-order beginning October 30th, with sales starting November 4th, and shipments starting on November 11th.

Now, DJI has changed the on-sale date, putting Mavic Mini deliveries on hold. DJI has reportedly sent emails to all USA dealers, reminding them that the on-sale date for Mavic Mini is November 11th. Meaning, dealers are not able to deliver the Mavic Mini to end-users before November 11th.

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According to the email, dealers are welcome to (and are) accepting pre-orders before the 11th, but cannot deliver the product before that date.

The suspected reason is the new DJI Fly app, which controls the new Mavic Mini. Rumor has it that the app is not scheduled to be ready on the Apple App Store or Android Play before the 11th. So, even if you did get your hand on one, it would not fly!

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