Meet the Drone Girls: Awesome Female Drone Photographers Around the Globe

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The following is a guest post by aerial photographer and Drone Girls founder Serena Coady.

6 Female Drone Photographers to Look Out For in 2018

Drone photography is on the rise internationally. As UAVs evolve and become more readily available, the popularity of mesmerizing birds-eye imagery grows. So too does the number of female drone photographers.

Image: Serena Coady

Why is this a surprise to some? Instagram, no doubt one the main platforms where drone photographers share content, makes it pretty obvious. Take a look at any of the major drone photography Instagram accounts – @DroneOfficial, @DroneOfTheDay, @DJI, @DroneOfficial and @FromWhereIDrone, to name a few – and the number of features of female photographers’ work typically falls below 5%.

The ad campaigns for consumer drone products aren’t much different. Major drone marketing ventures are overwhelmingly skewed to males.

It comes down to representation. The female drone photographers are indeed out there, thriving in their own creative niches, but it’s challenging for the industry to be aware of these women when they aren’t being brought into focus. How can more women be brought into the fascinating domain of drone photography when they can’t find women’s work on these Instagram drone accounts and no women in drone ads to identify with?

Image: Huda Bin Redha

But just like the stunning aerial work they create, female drone photographers are a dynamic bunch. Things are changing. Female drone photography communities like Drone Girls, Women Who Drone, She Flies and Amelia Droneheart are bolstering to give established and emerging female drone pilots their much-needed platform.

So take a look at the world through the eyes of a drone girl. Soar through icy Russian landscapes, the desert extremes of Dubai and the oceanic tapestries of Australia. See angles you’ve never seen before, shot by women you’ll be hearing more from.

Huda Bin Redha, @hudabinr (

First up is Huda Bin Redha. She’s not just your everyday lawyer, she’s an accomplished drone pilot too. You might’ve guessed from the desert landscapes starring in her aerial photography that she’s Dubai-based. Her photography is unique in its juxtaposition of vast, empty space with built-up cityscapes.

Image: Huda Bin Redha, Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

Victoria Volchenko, @iamdronegirl (

Victoria Volchenko brings a unique aesthetic to aerial photography with her moody, atmospheric captures. Her dramatic shots of snow-covered Russia and geometric buildings from above sometimes look more like intricate watercolours than photos.

Image: Victoria Volchenko

Chloe Kuroii, @chloekuroii (

Chloe Kuroii has a flair for capturing historical structures in an innovative, almost mystical way. Check out her awe-inspiring feed of her travelling the world, Mavic Pro in tow.

Image: Chloe Koroii

Jessica Lee, @jessicaleepixx (


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