MICRO FPV – SPUTNIK SP117, FULL Review & Flight Test

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From RUSSIA with LOVE. – The new SPUTNIK SP117 is designed by Alexander Romanov in Moscow. Check out the full DC/RC review and flight test of the new micro SPUTNIK SP117 quad!

Justin says:
You’ll find yourself staring at Alex’s quad designs like a painting in a modern art museum. We think these are some of the smallest designed, quickest, high tech, and most cost effective micro quads out there. The cold war is over! Now let’s go fly some fpv!

SPUTNIK FPV by Alexander Romanov.

Quads available:
– SSL128
– SP117
– SP99
– New models coming out soon.
Buy here: www.sputnikfpv.com
Designed in Moscow. Shipping from China.
*Cheap Shipping.

Direct SP117 link:


– Super tiny design.
– As fast as some larger quads.
– Tight turn radius.
– Like owning a piece of fine art
– Able to fly in small parks
– Cheaper small batteries
– Strong and lightweight carbon frame
– 1104 motors make this quad fast!
– Frame kit includes 3d printed parts
– Simple and not very expensive
– Very lightweight and hard to break

– I want them all
– I would like bigger motors as always

Pro Tip: Put 4 blade props on it and it will fly smoother
and quieter.

1 x 2mm carbon-fiber bottom frame plate;
1 x 1mm carbon-fiber top frame plate;
1 x Tiny PDB for AfroMini 32 rev. 3 flight controller, Micro MinimOSD and Pololu Step-Down Voltage Regulator;
1 x SP117 plastic parts package;
1 x SP117 mounting hardware package.

4 x Trusted legendary RX1104 or RX1105 Brushless outrunner motors or similar;
4 x 2S-4S capable, 20A micro electronic speed controllers. (BLHeli and Oneshot compatible);
4 x RX3020 propellers or similar (75mm Diameter);
1 x Pololu 5V, 1A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
1 x AfroMini 32 rev.3 flight controller;
1 x 520TVL Mini FPV Camera, this model is strongly recommended;
1 x Video Transmitter with CP antenna, or similar 5V Video Transmitter;
1 x Micro MinimOSD;
1 x Micro PPM Receiver or similar micro;
1 x 3S 400-600mAh battery (higher C-rate is better);
1 x 5V Buzzer (optional).

5V FTDI-adapter for programming flight controller;
Velcro strap for battery;
FPV Receiver or Goggles;
FPV Display or Goggles;
RC Transmitter.

More info on RC Groups Official Thread here:

Review Courtesy of Drone Camps RC.
Music by: Joakim Karud

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