MMC’s Drone Rental Centers Spread Around the Globe

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Chinese industrial drone manufacturer MMC celebrates the opening of the first of their innovative drone rental centers in Germany – already open in Asia and India, with more to follow around the globe.

As a world leader in industrial drones, including the innovative hydrogen-fueled Hydrone series and the groundbreaking Spider power line stringing solution, MMC knows exactly what it takes to implement a commercial drone program.  And with their groundbreaking Rental Center solution, the company is successfully overcoming the biggest barriers to entry.

MMC works with local partners to handle the piloting, payload selection, maintenance, and repair of their world-class industrial drone.  They take over all of the issues of fleet maintenance, so the customer can focus on getting the benefits of the drone program.

Working with local markets means that MMC can customize the tools, training and facilities for that community – while leveraging their state of the art facility and trained staff in Shenzhen for manufacturing, updates, and repairs.  Local partners with existing businesses in aerial imagery – like helicopter or small aircraft rentals – can realize the benefits of offering drone services without having to staff an entire team and ramp up on a totally new skill set.

Customers can implement drone programs without investing in a fleet of hardware or the staff to maintain it – which gives them a low-risk and low-cost alternative to purchasing drones before they’ve had a chance to evaluate the return on a drone program.

The idea has caught on in Germany, where orders have flooded the center for applications like mapping, security, inspections, construction, and drone training.  The professional demonstrations, training opportunities, and after-sales service have earned rave reviews.  The center plans an opening ceremony to provide demonstrations of drone applications for the community.

“Customers really appreciate the opportunity to utilize a top-of-the-line drone without having to take on the risk of a big investment,” says MMC. “This is an idea that is rapidly catching on.”

MMC  is looking for more partners in developed countries, such as North America, Europe, and the Middle East to help operate more rental centers around the world.


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