Parrot’s Flight Director Takes the Pain Out of Sharing Your Highlights

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Any aerial photographer will tell you that editing a day of filming down to a short highlight reel can be an agonizing task. Your best bits are always sandwiched between scenes you don’t need, shots that didn’t come off or something that just doesn’t fit.

Unfortunately, there is no one-touch solution for proper post-production. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t streamline the process or cheat a little. Particularly if you’re looking for a quick clip to share on social media.

That’s the premise of a new feature in Parrot’s ProFlight app, Flight Director:

Flight Director is similar to the built-in editor found in DJI Go, with a few exceptions.

The new feature uses algorithms to consider your drone’s movements during the recording process, before automatically cutting clips together depending on the criteria you select.

For example, selecting one of ‘Chronological’, ‘Trailer’ and ‘Cinematic’ will lead to very different mixes. Chronological makes sense if the order of events matters, like in a race down a mountain. Trailer and Cinematic are more about build up and capturing highlights, no matter the order.

You might think that you need a little more control over the end result. It’s also possible to select the music you want to accompany your shots from whatever’s lying about on your device.

parrot flight director software app

You can overlay telemetry stats on top of your montage.

You can also extend the video duration up to 3 minutes and select the best moments that you want to be featured. Finally, Flight Director allows you to overlay flight data over the top of the montage, just in case you want to boast about your telemetry stats for some reason.

It looks like a handy tool for impatient editors and those who want to get their content online as soon as possible.

How to get Flight Director

Flight Director is an in-app purchase that’s only available once FreeFlight Pro has been installed on your device. The in-app can be purchased in Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS).

Flight Director is compatible with the Parrot Bebop drone range. Eventually you’ll have to pay for it, but for now you can enjoy Flight Director free with a 15 day trial.


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