Pegasus Aerospace Launches Security Drone System That Packs a Wallop

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Pegasus Aerospace this week announced the launch of its new tactical drone system catering to government agencies, law enforcement and the private-security sector.

ShockWave Tactical UAS is designed – according to a company statement – “to enable clients to safely and accurately achieve their missions without risking and endangering first responder lives, in case of a life-threatening situation.”

The drone system offers several non-lethal options for defense and police ops that can nevertheless incapacitate a target from a distance and also provide surveillance and intelligence collection.

“ShockWave will neutralize a subject’s ability to inflict further harm,” Eugen Toma, Chief Technical Officer of Pegasus Aerospace and Shockwave’s Inventor said.

The system offers:

  • Full manual or autonomous modes;
  • Incapacitating Light Emitting Diode Device, a new tech developed by the company, that “emits different colored light, flashes and patterns, which act on the target’s brain, inducing disorientation, confusion, nausea and, in some extreme cases, vomiting;”
  • Custom Digital Taser Module available with cartridges capable of accurately striking a target 20 feet away;
  • IR targeting laser, visible on its camera system;
  • NLLS System – a 12GA launcher module designed to fire “12-gauge non-lethal ammunition, such as flash-bang grenades, as well as pepper or rubber rounds;”
  • 1080p HD camera system that can transmit video or save to DVR – a fixed front camera provides a pilot’s eye view, with a superimposed HUD system;
  • FLIR Duo Pro R, HD dual-sensor thermal camera available;
  • Compact design and footprint.

This is going to be a game changer,” said Joseph Erik Mattern, Pegasus Aerospace CEO and co-Creator of ShockWave. “ShockWave will save lives.”

A company statement adds:

“With its small transport footprint, agile and readily deployable flight performance compared to other compact non-tactical UAV systems, ShockWave gets closer to the action, staying one step ahead, while meeting complex challenges. A modular and cost-effective design enables the operator to deliver multiple capabilities and applications, while meeting national aviation regulations and operational requirements.”

ShockWave is IP-64, STANAG 4586, FAA compliant and is ready for use in controlled national airspace across all classifications.



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