PolarPro Introduces New Toolset for Drone Cinematography

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Drone videographers just got some new tools.  PolarPro has expanded their library of video editing solutions with Helios Cinematic Light Effects.

The Helios Cinematic Light Effects software includes 32 drag-and-drop lens flares, light leaks, leads and transitions. “These simple-to-use effects can easily be dropped into any video composition to help streamline post production workflow,” says PolarPro.  “With effects ranging from light leaks and lens flares to light transitions, Helios offers a variety of colors, styles and looks to that can easily fit the mood of any video edit.”

Retailing at about $30, the new software is available for any drone videographer – and as it is compatible with most video editing platforms (Adobe® products such as Premiere 9.0 or later, After Effects CC or later, as well as Apple® Final Cut Pro 7 or later, and the Avid Media Composer) the system is available to operators with a wide range of experience.  (PolarPro has compiled a video tutorial for beginners here.)

“Featuring 11 flare effects, eight organic light leaks, and 13 light leads/transitions, Helios offers a wide range of 4K elements that can quick help pilots and post production teams refine their video edits to a fine production quality,” says PolarPro.  The Helios Cinematic Light Effects have been optimized for the lens profiles of the Mavic Pro and Phantom Pro 4 and Advanced, and PolarPro is planning to expand on that library soon. “With the effects properly optimized for each drone’s native camera, editors can easily splice together footage from multiple flight platforms without concerns for distracting color shifts,” says the company.

“If you’re in the business of drone cinematography, then time truly is money. While these creatives can often spend days, weeks even months capturing their vision, the editing booth is never where cinematographers want to spend any more time than necessary,” said Jeff Overall, PolarPro CEO. “Our new Helios Cinematic Light Effects, much like our recently-launched Aurora Cinematic Color Presets, were designed to help streamline the editing process and allow pilots to get back to capturing the great content that drives their business.”

PolarPro is offering a free 1080p download of the Helios Cinematic Light Effects to allow users to trial the new effects before they purchase.




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