Pothole Detection Via Drone

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Pothole Detection Via DroneDaily Mail

Daily Mail published an interesting article discussing how drones equipped with robotic arms could help prevent potholes by detecting small cracks and repairing them.

A fleet of automatons will scan roads looking for small cracks at night while the streets are empty to avoid disrupting traffic. 

They will then spray 3D-printed asphalt into damaged surfaces to prevent larger potholes from developing.

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Engineers developed the innovative project as a solution to the major pothole problem in many cities and towns.   

The five-year project started back in January 2016 after £4.2m of funding was secured from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. 

A team from the University of Leeds School of Mechanical Engineering, working alongside other university researchers, are now three years into the scheme. 

The drones have been developed in Leeds which – like many cities and towns in the UK –  has a major pothole problem, with more than 10,000 reported between 2014 and 2017.

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The five-year project aims to make Leeds the first city in the world whose roads will be fully maintained autonomously by 2035.

One of the key achievements of the project so far has been work with University College London to develop 3D asphalt printing technology that can be flown by drone.

Work is now taking place on developing a scanning and decision-making system for drones. Continue reading about drones detecting and repair potholes.


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