Props for Racing and Camera Drones

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What props would you use for a racing drone versus a camera drone? In general, are there particular things that a pilot should look for in a prop?

High thrust, responsiveness, and durability are key attributes of racing propellers


In answer to your first question, not all props are designed the same. The technology is so advanced that, nowadays, we develop specific props that are optimized for particular applications. Racing propellers, for example, are expected to provide extreme power and control regardless of the situation. Drone racers push their hardware to the limit
every time they are in the air, so high thrust, responsiveness, and durability are a must. In contrast, camera drones are all about the healthy balance between efficiency and thrust. A few more minutes of flight time matters. The design and manufacturing processes of these various types of propellers are completely different from the very beginning.

Camera-drone props, like the ones here, offer a good balance between efficiency and thrust.


Regarding your second question, the answer is “yes!” Probably the most important part of the propeller is its design. The overall shape and particular airfoils used in different prop sections as well as special features and optimizations for reducing noise, tip vortexes, compensation for dynamic prop deflection, and built-in strength are crucial. All these characteristics require just the right material with the perfect balance of stiffness, tensile strength, and impact resistance.

Propeller development and production is a complex and challenging task, merging various industries, knowledge, and technologies. Our job is to push the limits of what is possible and create the best propellers for each particular application and requirements.

Boris Iskrev, CEO of Windsor Propeller








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