Rclogger Navigator 250 – BEST BEGINNER Racer Drone TESTED

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Rclogger RC Eye Navigator 250 – ULTIMATE Beginner drone with 1 Axis Fpv Gimbal, Return to home, and Gps. Check out the hands on review with some pretty nice flight footage. We give you a full overview and flight test.

Drone Camps Navigator 250 Review :

– 1 AXIS Gimbal! No other quad I have has this. Very cool.
– GPS with Altitude Hold, GPS Lock, and Return to Home.
– 3 Flight Modes: GPS, No GPS, and Expert Mode.
– 3 Angle modes: Safe Bank, Sport Bank, Expert Bank.
– Compatible with Clogger Goggles, or Fatshark Goggles
– Break away arms. The arms have slots so if you crash they
just bend back and don’t break. Very clever design. Also folds
back for traveling with the quad.
– Fpv camera can be used as fixed position or stabilized gimbal.
– Quad has bluetooth and iOS or Android RCEYE App. You can
change settings and save them to the drone from your phone.
– Includes Charger and USB cable for firmware updates.
– Durable props.
– Fold down and up landing gear.
– HD Fpv cam
– VTX with option to change channels if racing with your friends.
– 3S 2400mah battery for long 10 minute flights.
– Durable frame and FPV camera housing.
– Return to home worked great in my tested. It landed almost on the spot it took off.
– Charge the batteries on the supplied charger or your own. Comes with standard XT60 charge plugs on the batteries.
– Great flier in GPS mode for beginners. Very smooth and predictable for first time FPV pilots.
– Really fun in expert mode if you are an intermediate to expert pilot. It will fly way fast and hugs the ground for racing.
– Features a self-centering throttle stick for altitude hold. This way you don’t dump the throttle and crash the quad.
– Adjustable camera angle by remote dial. Very nice for adjusting
pilot viewing angle for fixed position flying.
– Good range. I got way across a local field in my testing. Atlas 300 meters out.
– Best english instructions I’ve ever seen. Clear and precise directions and photos with graphics.

– Could be lighter? Maybe the next version.
– Firmware port is behind a carbon wall. 2 screws to access it.
– As an expert pilot I aways want more power. But that is me.
– You will need to label the switches. No way to remember them all.

Final thoughts:

This is one of the most innovative FPV racers that has come out this year. I say innovative because of all the features this drone has. They packed a lot of technology in this 250 racer. The GPS, 1 Axis-Fpv Camera, and folding arms are a huge bonus. With all of this, the app, firmware updatable, and the variety of flight modes I would say this is worth the money. $419 at the time of this review. Other high end racer quads are $500 and up.But those are aimed at people who want to race in a serious environment. This quad is for someone who wants to just fly fpv and not have to build anything, but also have a ton of features. I would say its not for everyone. But this is perfect for the new guys. – Made for absolute beginners. It allows you to get out the same day and start racing.

Review by Justin Davis
@ Drone Camps RC.

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