Rodeo 150 – FPV Racer Drone Review ( Courtesy of GearBest )

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Rodeo 150 Review and Flight test. This is a great quad. I’m just going to say. I flew the Tarot 130 and loved it because it was small and fast. The Rodeo 150 is a little bigger and really rips in the air. 1306 motors on 2S and a light weight frame make the power to weight ratio great! Comes with Beatflight on the F3 flight controller. Adjustable PIDS and rates. This is a legit RTF racer for new guys and veteran pilots. The Rodeo 150 rocks guys!!! – Kindly, Justin Davis

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars – Great Fpv Quad!
-0.5 Star for the battery bay and spin on props.

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Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:

– Small size
– Easy to fly and fpv right out of the box. ( plug n fly ).
– Fast on 2S battery!
– My advice: Says on box you can fly indoors. Don’t do that.
– Cheap replacement parts
– Includes Betaflight
– Durable antennas
– Great 35-40 degree vertical camera tilt
– protected fpv camera
– good range on the fpv system
– 1306 motors
– Might work on 3S? Let me know if it will guys.
– Antenna can be swapped out for a better one
– Optional External SBUS or PPM receiver port
– Includes DEVO 7 Transmitter ( very nice transmitter )
– Multiple flight modes
– Acro mode
– Smart phone adjustable settings ( haven’t tried it yet )
– Under FAA weight regulation ( Toy grade. No registration needed. )
– OSD version available ( says on box )
– Audible beeper on low battery voltage
– Lightweight and reasonably durable.
– 600 TVL fpv camera ( good quality fpv video )
– Comes with high roll and pitch rates in acro out of the box.
– Includes extra props
– 1306 motors

– Plastic frame, questionable durability
– spin on props.
– Short flight time ( the way I fly… 2-3mins )

Overall impression: I would buy one. This one belongs on my shelf.
I do like flying this one and will continue to this summer. I’m going to need some extra batteries. This one is staying in my personal collection.


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