Sensofusion Improve Anti-Drone Solution with New Upgrade

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For counter-drone firms, 2017 has been a record-breaking year, especially for companies like Senofusion.

The Helsinki-based provider recently launched a major upgrade to AIRFENCE, an anti-drone array designed following three years of testing. With AIRFENCE 5.0, Sensofusion enhances a package that automatically detects, locates, tracks and takes over rogue drones – the update adds long-range jamming capabilities, improved directional geolocation and a more rugged hardware rig.

“Since the original launch of AIRFENCE ONE, Sensofusion has invested fully in solving the drone problem set by means of RF detection and counterattack,” Sensofusion Founder and CEO Tuomas Rasila said in a press release, adding:

“Our vision continues to follow the path of scalability from the perspective of implementing technology as it is our core belief that increasing the number of systems to the field increases awareness and response time. Our latest AIRFENCE platform builds on advancements we’ve been making for the past few years and incorporates the lessons learned from key projects with the FAA, NASA, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the European Commission.”

Rasila says the upgrade is focused on the enhancement of detection rates and more robust data packets.

“Given the depth and precision of the current technology, we have a limited supply of AIRFENCE 5.0 before the end of the calendar year,” Rasila added. “We anticipate fulfilling orders for more than 100 systems before the close of 2017 as demand for our product continues to scale.”

AIRFENCE also focuses on protecting mobile convoys from the threat of potentially weaponized drones that could be wielded by insurgent groups such as ISIS.

In May, the U.S. Marine Corps awarded a contract to Sensofusion, in partnership with the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental.

The company made headlines earlier this year when the FAA announced a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Sensofusion, Gryphon Sensors and Liteye Systems to deploy drone-sensor prototypes at key American airports.

The company operates AIRFENCE in major cities to help law enforcement protect VIPs. “[It’s] a good fit to protect American dignitaries, including high ranking U.S. officials such as [the] President and his cabinet,” said Kaveh H. Mahdavi, Sensofusion VP of Operations. He added that AIRFENCE currently protects “some of the highest-ranking



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