Shuriken 250 – NO BUILDING REQUIRED – Racer Quad Review

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FULL Review of the Holybro Shrunken 250. Quick introduction, flight test, and then some studio close ups. Coolest thing about this one is that you get your choice of a Spektrum, FrSky, or Futuba Receiver with your 250 at purchase. – Enjoy the 250 guys! – Justin.

Holybro Shuriken USA/Worldwide dealer list :

Drone Camps Overview Pros VS Cons :

– Durable frame and lots of industrial plastic bumpers.
– 3mm Carbon top plate
– 700 TVL CMOS Camera, Switchable from NTSC to PAL
– 25mw Switchable to 600mw Video transmitter
– Easy to mount a Gopro on. *Carbon mount available.
– Runs 5″ props. Standard 5045 tri-props. 2 sets included.
– Includes extra carbon standoff plate for an external receiver mount.
– Race spec motors: 2205-2550kv
– 4S or 3S compatible. 1300mah 4S recommended by Holybro.
– 40 Channel VTX with 5 bands including Raceband.
– 5.8Ghz Circular Polarized Antenna included
– Slim carrying case included with handle.
– Optional SBUS, or PPM ports.
– The CPU is running 32bit. Very modern CPU.
– Loaded right up in Cleanflight. Has an F3 onboard. *Might be
compatible with Betaflight! You know you want it.
– Elevated Fpv camera mounted on grommets for less vibes in flight video.
– Standard XT60 battery port
– Recessed USB port
– CW and CCW 3mm motor shafts
– Push button switchable Vtx Channels
– Receiver bind button on the rear. Very easy to get to.
– 30A Blheli ESCs! with Oneshot 125 and Motor Braking. 40A peak! Nice!
– Dampened internal IMU for smoother flights.
– Super clean OSD included with battery voltage and flight report screen.
– Low voltage alarm. ( set yours lower. Mine was set default too high )
– Flys like a rocket on full throttle.
– Probably as fast as a Vortex pro or similar $500 quads.

– Fiberglass PDB “all in one” plate on the bottom that extends out to the motors. I didn’t break it but I worry I would. The whole thing feels durable though.
– In my flight tests it seemed to suck up a 4S 1300mah battery within 3-4mins. Which is about average with a race quad this size.
– If a battery strap breaks you have to take the top off to put a new one on. I would like this to be external mounted on the next version.

Overall Impression : This quad is a BEAST for those who don’t want to build anything. The coolest quad I have unboxed that I was flying within 10 minutes. Arco mode is not enabled in Cleanflight so you will have to set that up. I broke the top off the included antenna on the first flight. Not a big deal. Put some hot glue on the top of it and keep flying it. Hot glue helps protect is better I believe.

Who is this for? – Beginner to Expert pilots.
Race worthy? – YES very race worthy.
Can I win a race with it? – God yes.
Worth the $? – Yes in my opinion.
Value: Good
Construction quality: 4 Stars

Items needed to complete:
Battery, and Radio

Star Rating: 4 ” Good for the money! ” – Acceptable durability.
-.5 for the bottom “all in one” PDB that extends out to the motors.
-5. for power system that is battery hungry.

Review by Justin Davis

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