SIMTOO Moment Selfie Drone User Experience

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Our editorial has received an email from the Warren,  frustrated customer who bought a Simtoo Moment Selfie Drone that we have reported back in May. The email said:
I wanted to tell the truth about the SIMTOO Moment Selfie drone out there to save people from losing $250-400 on a useless brick.
Simtoo Moment Selfie drone

I received my order from Simtoo for the “luxury package” moment drone with dual gps/glonass and extra battery for $353.00. They informed me that the follow me function wasn’t working so well but otherwise the drone was ready to go so I ordered it and eagerly awaited it. I had huge expectations after seeing their YouTube commercial for the moment drone looking amazing with it’s safety and “SLAM” technology and all the other amazing features.I followed the directions and after connecting to 9 satellites, calibrating accelerometer and gyroscopes the drone would barely hover and fall back to the ground. I had to reboot it to get it in the air and while connected to the app on my iPhone it veered off ignoring commands to land and had to chase after it and grab it. Then it started to full throttle and had to power it down to stop the motors. I emailed the company and tried letting them know the problems and their reply was “it’s just a sample and won’t accept any returns or refunds and that I was told the follow me function wasn’t working well and they will inform me of any software/firmware updates when they come out and resent me the manual.
Simmo Moment Selfie drone
I wasn’t aware that the drone was featureless and not ready for even basic flying.  Here is a link of one of the Japanese testers on YouTube who I was in contact with showing it hovering for a few times then falling back to the ground.

This company has no integrity and being greedy by pushing out a product clearly not finished nor ready for sale.

*The opinion in this article belongs to the author and has no affiliation with WeTalkUAV.


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