SJCAM SJ4000 Plus WiFi XK Detect X380 Drone Flight

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Come along for a flight of my SJCAM SJ4000+ 2K camera with my XK Detect X380 quadcopter. Camera courtesy of (thanks SJCAM!). This really is a nice camera with advanced features, including 2K 1080p video at 60fps, or 720p video at 120fps! But this flight was recorded at 1080p 30 fps. This camera comes in several versions, starting with …

the $59 SJ4000 with 1080p 30 fps video (similar to the video of this flight)

Next level up is the SJ4000 WiFi at $72, which adds WiFi FPV video transmission to your cell phone

And the current top of the line is the SJ4000+ WiFi series, which includes WiFi FPV, and enhanced video including 2K, 1080p 60fps, and 720p 120fps! Find it here for $111 Or here direct from SJCAM

– Even the cheapest $59 1080p camera produces excellent video, and comes with a watertight case, and action attachment fittings
– WiFi FPV transmission included with the upper two models
– Superb video quality of the SJ4000+ with 2K, 1080p 60fps, and 720p 120fps.

– For most people, bandwidth limitations can make online viewing of HD video above 30 fps very “challenging” with numerous start/stop jitters. If your intent is mainly YouTube uploading, the $59 basic SJ4000 should be just fine.
– Recording HD video at 60 and 120 fps requires very fast write speed microSD card to avoid frame skipping. Class 10 cards are just not fast enough to record such video. As such, recommend purchasing a U3 microSD card if you desire 60fps or 120fps HD video.
– WiFi operates at the same frequency as most RC drone controllers. The camera’s WiFi can greatly reduce the range of your drone IF the camera’s WiFi is turned on. Fortunately you have to manually link the camera’s WiFi to your phone in order to turn on the WiFi. Otherwise it’s automatically off.
– You have to manually link the camera’s WiFi to your phone in order to turn on the WiFi πŸ™‚


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