SkyFund Invests In AutoModality

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SkyFund is showing its support of drone innovation with its recent investment in the New York-based robotics company AutoModality.

The SkyFund is backed by DJI and Accel, and aims to fund entrepreneurs using unmanned technology to make a meaningful impact. AutoModality, the winner of DJI’s 2016 SDK Challenge competition, is now developing an innovative Autonomous Drone Bridge Inspection System that assists workers by accessing the difficult and dangerous locations on the structure while they remain safely on the ground.

“AutoModality is dedicated to creating autonomous mobile systems that sense, explore, and analyze the world around us,” said Dan Hennage, CEO at AutoModality. “DJI’s drones are ideal platforms for our systems because their open SDK allows us to rapidly integrate, iterate, and create innovative new uses for drone technology, especially in GPS denied environments like bridges.”

AutoModality’s industry-leading Perceptive Navigation technology enables fully autonomous close-up infrastructure inspection, especially in areas that are difficult to navigate, pose safety risks, and are often GPS-denied, such as under bridges, inside buildings and tunnels, and across challenging terrains. AutoModality’s enterprise solutions consist of an off-the-shelf drone, such as the DJI Matrice 210, a powerful mobile computer, a sensor package, and its proprietary Perceptive Navigation software. Together, these technologies create an aerial platform that can be used across multiple industries and is safer and more efficient than ever before. AutoModality estimates that the total market size for its technology it over $500M for bridge inspections alone.

“As DJI technology makes its way into the hands of innovators and creators like those at AutoModality, it continues to transform a wide variety of industries from construction to agriculture, and now infrastructure inspection,” said Robert Schlub, Vice President of North America Research and Development at DJI. “We’re excited to help developers so that they can create and bring tangible benefits to their business operations as well as for the wider drone industry.”

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