Spooky Action unveils Telelift Healthline

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Spooky Action unveils Telelift Healthline, a flying cell tower for field hospitals

As Americans learn to social-distance and the workplace comes home, it’s more important than ever to communicate efficiently. Unfortunately, according to the FCC, over 19 million Americans lack high-speed internet access. This disparity is important to fix, as high-speed internet access is a fundamental tool for healthcare workers in both telemedicine and at field hospitals.

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Internet access is essential for effective physical testing sites and treatment centers. Doctors need secure information channels to share patient data, handle lab work, and send prescriptions. As the country races to build field hospitals and drive-through testing sites, it’s evident that the cell tower is almost as important as the building.

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In response, Spooky Action is introducing Telelift Healthline, a variant of our Telelift Flying Cell Tower specifically aimed at providing network coverage to healthcare workers at field sites. Telelift Healthline is a drone-based cell tower that fits in a suitcase, and can be rapidly deployed in the field to expand cellular network coverage. It is capable of flying continuously, for up to a week, without needing to land and recharge. Telelift Healthline is designed to easily integrate into existing field hospital setups.

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Broadband and LTE network coverage is a critical infrastructure project that needs to be part of any feasible recovery proposal. And we need to use every option available to us to make this a priority for all Americans. If America is to leverage the current advances in internet-enabled healthcare, we must rise to the occasion.

About Spooky Action:

Spooky Action is a Minnesota-based tech company. We build tethered drones that fly forever. Our powerful tethered UAV systems are best in the business and serve major clients in Public Safety and Telecommunications.

For more information, visit http://spooked.io/index.html

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