Starting a Commercial Drone Business

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Starting a Commercial Drone BusinessDrone Deploy

UAV Insurance, Regulations and Licensing for New Drone Service Providers

Give your commercial drone business a catchy name. Design a memorable logo. Network to find a solid base of customers. These are the fun parts of starting a drone service business. But along with this comes a few other tasks related to operations, like obtaining a business license, following regulations and purchasing drone insurance.

As a new DSP, it’s important to take a break from marketing to follow through with these nuts and bolts. After all, building a solid foundation will help set your business up for long-term success.

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So how do you start a new commercial drone business? In an earlier post, we outlined tips for marketing, pricing and finding customers. Now it’s time to dive into the nitty gritty. Here are the basics to get you started with UAV insurance, commercial drone regulations, Part 107 Certification and more.

Get Legit: Certifications, Licenses and Forming Your Drone Business

If you are going to do this, and do it right, you first need to get legit. In almost any country, before you fly a drone commercially you must first get permission from the government. While jurisdictions like Canada and the EU are currently grappling with how to regulate the UAV industry within their borders, in the US it’s relatively straightforward to get certified and licensed as a commercial drone operator. Continue reading about starting your own drone business.

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