Surveillance Drones: Axis and Azur Drones Partner To Improve Solution for Sensitive Sites

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surveillance dronesAzur Drones, a French based provider of autonomous surveillance drones, entered a new partnership with Axis Communications.  The combination of autonomous surveillance drones and network video should create s a compelling solution for securing sensitive sites.

Azur’s signature solution is Skeyetech, a drone in the box solution that enables remote 24/7 surveillance.  The agreement between the two is a technology partnership to jointly develop solutions that will strengthen perimeter surveillance on sensitive sites by combining the expertise of both and strengthening communication between the two systems.

The Axis detection sensors  include thermal cameras and radars, and can effectively detect site intrusions 24 hours a day.  Azur’s Skeyetech can take off automatically in the event of an alert in order to provide further intelligence.  The drone can fly at speeds of 50 km/h and is fitted with HD optical and thermal cameras that can identify, interpret and monitor a situation 24/7.

“The link between the detection sensors and the autonomous Skeyetech drone is provided directly by the security software (Video Management System). It directly recovers the GPS coordinates for the alert zone detected by the Axis sensors and automatically sends the surveillance drone there under the simple supervision of the security agent,” says an Azur press release.

These new perimeter protection systems combining detection sensors and drones allow for faster and more effective decision making. The drone’s reactivity and mobility make it an unequalled tool to monitor an intruder, prevent a crisis or manage a fluctuating situation. These systems are also cost effective in terms of infrastructure as a few sensors and an autonomous drone are sufficient to secure sites of several hundred hectares.

We are delighted with this new partnership that strengthens our offer on the critical industry protection market and adds a new dimension to the security of these sensitive sites. “ stated Stéphane Carré, Sales Director for France at Axis.  

“This technology partnership with Axis is completely in line with Azur Drones’ innovation strategy. Our main goal is to offer turnkey solutions to increase security and safety on our customers’ sites. Thanks to the combination with detection sensors, our customers can now benefit from the full potential of autonomous drones using an effective automatic doubt removal tool,“ concluded Jean-Marc Crépin, CEO of Azur Drones.



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