Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone Maximum Range Modification

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Flight test of a simple range enhancement modification to my Syma X5C Explorers quadcopter with HD video camera. Buy it here: International customers buy it here

My thoughts:

1: Camera is OK for a 720p, but it’s pointed way too far downward. But this is easily corrected by removing its mounting screws, and hot-gluing a shim in for a better view angle.

2: As it is now, with its camera installed, it really has a hard time when a breeze hits it, and can start wobbling erratically with wind or sharp maneuvers. However, remove the heavy camera and landing gear and it does become a sporty flyer as seen in this video.

3: In stock form, the range is not impressive at all with maximum advertised range of 50m. Because of its wind issue, it can easily be blown out of range. Also when it flies out of range, it will maintain the last control input for a couple seconds before the motors cut out. However, as seen in this video, the maximum range of the X5C can be greatly increased with this simple modification.

Overall assessment, because of #2 and #3, I foresee a lot of these ending up on neighbors roofs or in the trees. The X5C looks fantastic, and comes with a nice camera but a bad camera view angle. It has mediocre flight performance with the camera installed in anything other than hover or a windless day.

“Awel” by stefsax
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
music was shortened to fit length of video.


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