Take a Look at Trump’s Border Wall From Above

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Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Footage has been released by the US Customs and Border Protection recently, showing some lovely drone shots of prototypes of President Trump’s border wall in San Diego. But in highlighting the wall that will “stop drugs from pouring into this country”, the video also shows how easy it could be for dealers to take the aerial route.

That’s a point that Gizmodo picked up on. Reporter Matt Novak got in touch with the CBP to suggest as much. The reply was that the wall isn’t working alone. “There are also agents, sensors, cameras and other technologies monitoring the Border Enforcement Zone,” said Carlos Diaz, the Southwest Branch Chief for the CBP Office of Public Affairs. “The combination of those elements allow for the effective and efficient protection of the wall.”

Border wall needs to be future-proof

While the wall will clearly make it more difficult for people to get across the border, the video shows the ease with which modern drones could potentially make the trip. There have already been plenty of reports of drones being used to smuggle contraband into prisons in the US and the UK. It looks like less concrete and more technology is needed to make the border future-proof.

Just as with the border drone scenario, the method represents a tiny fraction of the items that make their way past authorities. But you can bet that the drone factor will ensure its headline news if and when it happens again.


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