Techboy TB367 Cheap 2.5 Channel RC Airplane Flight Test Review

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This cheap little beginners RC airplane includes throttle, rudder, and aileron control for doing stunt rolls. Find it here, $2 off with coupon LQPTEC2

– One of the cheapest RC airplanes. It actually flies better than expected for an airplane at this price range.
– Controller includes throttle slide switch and rudder control buttons. Controller also includes a motion sensor for activation of the ailerons. Tilting the controller left or right will activate the ailerons, sending the airplane into a stunt roll. Moving the controller to a level position will level out the airplane from its rolls.
– Crash resistant due to its light weight and the soft foam that it’s constructed of. I nose it in hard several times in this review without incurring any damage to the airplane.
– Can be recharged in the filed using its controller as the power source. But a good phone power bank would offer quicker recharge.

– Rudder and aileron control surfaces are moved by solenoids. This means they go full over when activated with no proportional control. If the rudder buttons are held too long, the aircraft will roll over and crash. Turns are made by quick tapping the rudder control buttons until the aircraft turns to the desired heading.
– Relatively short flight time of about 4 minutes. But again, it can be recharged in the field with its controller as the power source.

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