Television Industry Embracing Drones

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U.S. Television Industry Embracing DronesUAVE

Over the past several years, the U.S. television industry has been embracing UAVs more and more. Just watching the daily broadcast will show you new and exciting uses for this technology. 

CNN has touted the first ‘waiver to fly over people’ with a small toy based system, AbC and NBC and CBS are showing more and more of their work while Fox News appears to have the largest fleet of any news organization. The Fox program comprises of over 90 fully trained pilots and more than ‘100 visual observers’ who accompany both the pilots and photographers on every shoot. The Fox Flight team is hard at work at most of Fox’s news stations as well as the Fox News Channel bureaus. The goal is to eventually have multiple crews at every location, utilizing the systems for more creative perspective in their storytelling. 

Cliff Whitney is the CEO for several companies involved in the UAV space for over 30 years and sends along that for the past three years his companies UAV Experts and Atlanta Hobby has had the pleasure of providing the equipment, fleet management, flight training, and FAA 107 test prep for many of the networks including Fox.

He states, “The folks from Fox are really great people to work with and we have had an awesome time teaching these professionals how to fly. Below is a quick reel to show some of the Fox accomplishments from the various stations all across the USA and out of Fox News Corp during 2018.”

Whitney continued, “While we have worked with almost all of the various networks over the years, the Fox folks have built an impressive program. As a newsgroup, you will not see them touting their accomplishments in press releases, even though there are many. They’ve had great foresight for these tools. I think Fox now has the largest fleet of UAVs in the USA of any news company. They have very talented pilots and photographers that are very conservative in their approach to safety. A great news company excels in the art of storytelling, and I think the folks at Fox show this talent every day, representing our industry in a very positive way.”

For more great UAV photography, check out the daily broadcast from Fox around the globe.


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