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For those who love the thrill of battling spaceships in video games, the idea of using battle drones is intriguing. These tiny drones can dart and speed through the air, bringing the feeling of video game aerial and space battles to life.

Battle drones can use physical weapons, infrared lights and other items to do battle in the sky. These drones emphasize speed and maneuverability over the ability to fly over long distances for long periods of time, like drones made for photography or surveillance use.

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Our favorite battle drone is the Propel Star Wars Quadcopter: X Wing Collector’s Edition, which delivers a realistic-looking model for “Star Wars” fans in a highly effective drone.

What to know before you buy a battle drone


Because battle drones fight other drones, collisions occur frequently, increasing the likelihood of damage. Pay particular attention to the build quality of the propellers and propeller guards, which often take the most impact.

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