The Biggest Name in Drone Racing is Collaborating on Commercial Training

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Aeon Unmanned

The biggest name in drone racing has announced a collaboration with Aeon Unmanned to support Part 107 training.

The International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) will partner with Aeon Unmanned to support the Colorado company’s Part 107 Academy, a one-week training program for commercial drone operators.

It’s not a pairing that springs to mind for either drone racers or commercial operators, but the partnership “fits perfectly into IDRA’s mission to grow the motorsport and international drone community,” says the Association. “As IDRA helps introduce more people to the drone industry, we also gain the opportunity to create future fans of drone racing,” says the announcement. “It is highly important that companies like IDRA and Aeon Unmanned, discover ways to mutually work together to expand the customer base.”  It makes sense – drone racers are highly skilled flyers that may want to transition to a commercial career.  Commercial pilots are highly skilled flyers that may want to race on the side.

The collaboration also gives the Association an opportunity to let commercial and recreational operators know about their offerings in drone insurance for all flyers.  IDRA offers primary liability insurance with worldwide coverage, an alternative to policies from major insurance agencies or secondary policies. “As IDRA continues to grow the international drone community, we will protect it,” says the Association.

“Aeon Unmanned is extremely professional and enforces a high standard for its students,” said Justin Haggerty, President and CEO of IDRA. “It is our pleasure at IDRA to partner with the company’s Part 107 Academy, helping strengthen the program’s ability to admit more pilots into the profession. As leaders in the drone industry, it is our great responsibility to be its bannermen and promote the opportunities that lie within. Not only can drones be extremely thrilling to race, but they can also be very profitable for a business.”

“There are many opportunities for UAV pilots to make money and expand the profession. Someone who knows how to race drones is going to be at the forefront of pioneering new commercial uses for UAVs. We are very excited here to partner with IDRA and give racing pilots the opportunity to capitalize on their piloting skills. With the top Part 107 Training program in the country, we’re confident we can help pilots safely and legally push the limits of commercial UAVs and bring the world into the future.”


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