The Great America Eclipse by Drone

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The Great America Eclipse by DroneTIME

See Drone Footage of the Total Solar Eclipse Plunging a City Into Darkness

Yesterday was both a historical and exciting for Americans. As millions turned their eyes to the sky to watch “The Great American Eclipse” this past Monday, TIME launched a drone in Casper, Wyo., to capture the phenomenon.

The drone footage shows the city of Casper — which was within the path of totality — growing darker as the eclipse progresses. During the minute-long video, street lamps turn on and some fireworks go off, as a crowd of people watches the rare spectacle that crossed the United States on Monday.

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If you missed getting the chance to see it live, or if you want to relive the experience, TIME and LIFE VR have created a 360-degree VR livestream of the solar eclipse, which you can stream below.

The TIME and LIFE VR video, made in partnership with Mesmerise Global, shows an on-the-ground view of the 2017 solar eclipse from Casper, Wyo. The footage includes a detailed close up shot of the sun inset for maximum eclipse visibility, making it seem like you are watching it in person. The solar eclipse started in Oregon at 9:05 a.m. PDT and ended at 2:44 p.m. EDT near South Carolina.

Source:  Katie Reilly via TIME


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