The Right Drone for Your Application

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How to Choose the Right Drone for Your Application

You already saw in part 1 of how to choose the right drone for your enterprise or defence/homeland security needs. You saw the top 3 considerations you must look at to know your drone-solution fit. In this article, we would go deeper in the types and categorizations of drones to know which drone is right for you.

Previously, you saw how the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) categorizes drones in terms of Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW). We now look at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) categorization chart.

The Class 3 Drones fall in the heavy drone category. These are mainly:

  •       MALE – Medium Altitude Long Endurance
  •       HALE – High Altitude Long Endurance
  •       Combat-ready

These drones are essential for multi-territorial and long-range surveillance way beyond line of sight (BLOS). The MALE drones fly at a height of up to 45,000 – 50,000 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL). HALE drones get to heights of up to 65,000 feet MSL. Combat-ready drones also fly at heights similar to HALE. These drones can fly for 24 hours+. READ MORE.

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