Tomzon D40 GPS Drone No Registration Required Flight Test Review

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This folding GPS camera drone weighs only 244 grams, and does not require registration in most countries. Find it here, click the coupon button (underneath the price), and then use coupon code TOMZOND40 for $70 savings (coupon expires 4/21/2021)

– Folding drone with carrying case, making the drone and its accessories are highly portable.
– Small and light weight at only 244 grams. Does not require registration in most countries (barring those few that require registration of camera drones).
– GPS/GLONASS positioning system, with automatic return tohomeand landing capability on command, loss of signal, and low battery.
– Optical flow positioning system for automatic indoor outdoor hovering without use of GPS.
– 7.4V 2200mah battery provides close to 27 minutes of flight time (I got 26 minutes 19 seconds in my flight).
– Camera records 1080p video (@25 fps), and interpolated 4K photos (4096 x 3072 pixels). Video and photos are recorded directly to your smartphone via WiFi signal. Camera has remote up and down lens control.
– Tomzon-G app provides real time in-flight video that is viewable on your smart phone. The app also provides advanced flight mode capabilities of follow me, circle position, and waypoints (tap to fly).

– App requires a phone with 802.11ac WiFi. Not everyone has this type of WiFi on their phone. Before purchasing, first verify that your phone is indeed capable of using 802.11ac WiFi.
– No micro SD card recording capability. Video and images are only recorded to your phone via WiFi, with inherent limitiations of lag, frame skipping, and loss of signal/video.
– The drone has no built-in video stabilization capability, causing shaky video, especially on windy days. The Tomzon-G app does have some minor video stabilization capability. However, the app’s stabilization tends to blur the image, and only slightly improves shaky video.
– Camera video has significant jello artifact from drone propeller vibrations.

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