Typhoon H or Phantom 4? – Full Review, BEST OF 2016

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We waited 6 months to make this video… endless nights of searching the internet, reading articles, talking to everyone, traveling hours to see the Typhoon H in person, and hours and hours of Typhoon H research. Find out why the Typhoon H won Best of CES. Enjoy the video. More Typhoon H videos coming to this channel. Please Subscribe! Ps. Yes I put the antennas on the wrong damn side. Sorry about that. My mistake. Full Pros and Cons below.

YUNEEC TYPHOON H – Ready to fly drone.

Main Features:
– 6-rotor hexacopter design
– 360-degree gimbal
– CGO3+ camera shoots up-to 4K videos and 12 megapixel stills
– Flight modes include Point of Interest, Orbit, Curved Cable, Journey Mode, and Return to Home.
– Android-based ST16 controller with large 7-inch integrated display
– Quick disconnect props allow speedy removal from the motors
– Each rotor arm quickly folds down from its flight position for easy and compact transportation
– Carbon fiber is used extensively to decrease weight while increasing durability
– Ultrasonic proximity detection assists in avoiding large obstacles
– Failsafe system allows Typhoon H to remain stable and land if a motor should fail
– Bonus Wizard Wand (YUNWZD) included


• Very lightweight for a hexacopter
• 25min Flight battery
• 1 mile range ( ST16 upgradable available: iElite DBS Mods antenna kit ) $119
• Foldable arms for easy transport
• Does not need to be on to fold arms down ( unlike Inspire1 )
• Gimbal stays on in transport mode ( unlike Inspire1 )
• Parts reasonably priced
• 4S 5400mah battery
• Easy snap on and off propellers
• Color coded props
• GPS based drone and radio
• Includes Wizard “GPS” wand controller
• Smart Mode ( for beginner flying )
• Angle Mode ( Removes smart mode )
• 5 Motor Mode ( in case one motor fails. Make it back and land. )
• Follow me mode
• Orbit mode
• Watch me mode
• Curved Cable Cam mode
• Team Mode ( allows multiple transmitters, or use with wand and radio)
• Point of Interst Mode
• Dynamic Return to Home Mode
• Full Android Tablet
• HDMI out port on radio
• USB on radio
• Micro SD port on radio
• Wifi Tablet
• Supports Google Play store apps
• Edit videos and sound on the tablet upload to Youtube
• Excellent ST16 Transmitter ( replaceable battery )
• Retractable Carbon fiber landing gear
• 360 degree camera pans
• Multiple pan and camera tilt modes
• Sonar included
• Intel Sense and avoid available ( easy add on upgrade )
• On / Off Switch for Obstacle Avoidance

• Would always like longer flight time
• Range could be better … but keep it within line of sight folks.

In my opinion there is not a lot to change about the Typhoon H. I have thought about this and researched this drone for 6 months. Nothing comes to mind about what to change. For the time Yuneec put into this it is clear to see they hit a home run with this product. I would highly recommend buying one for yourself. This is my favorite drone so far this year by far. – Justin Davis @ DC/RC.

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Music by: Not the King.

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