Unicorn 220 – Best New Chinese RTF Racer Quad

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Check out this sleek new flat profile racer quad. The Unicorn 220 is loaded with pro racer pilot specs, and can run on 3S or 4S. This video includes a quick unboxing, comparison, and flight test. In my opinion this is one of the best Chinese rtf quads this year.

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Star Rating: 5 out of 5.
I didn’t demote any stars on this one because it flew like something
I built out of the box. Fast, tuned, and super fun. Without all the building.

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:


– High end ESCs with Oneshot 2-4S Compatible
– Sleek new flat profile frame.
– Very durable. I crashed this hard a few times. No damage.
– Loaded with pro racer specs
– SPRacing F3 Flight Controller
– 2204 Brushless Motors
– DAL Props Included ( trust me you want these )
– Programmable Radio.
– SBUS, add your own radio: Taranis, Spectrum, Etc.
– Loaded right up in Cleanflight
– Default setup: Stability and Horizontal Mode. *Add Acro needed.
– 700 TVL Camera with 45 Degree tilt
– Nice plastic surround with motor guards.
– Includes a nice 3S Charger
– 3S 1500 Battery ( popular size )
– Smaller than a 250, great power on 4S!
– 220 is quickly becoming the largest size this year.
– 40 Channel VTX for racing
– Works with Fatshark or any 5.8Ghz Goggles
– Recessed and programmable rear LEDs very visible to others


Honestly I think there could be some vents on the arms just to keep
the ESCs a little cooler. I did notice when I ripped it on 4S that the arms did feel quite warm when I landed. If you are flying in a hot area I would suggest dremeling some vent holes in the quad arms. At the end of the day this is not a Vortex Pro, but it’s also not $500.

The Chinese RTFs are starting to catch up with the pack. The Unicorn 220 is ahead of most of them for a lot of reasons. I will be keeping this one for my personal enjoyment.

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