Upgraded Cheerson CX-OF 720p HD FPV Dancing Position Hold Selfie Drone Flight Test Review

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This tiny long flying selfie nano drone has effective position hold, waypoint and dancing modes, and has been upgraded with 720p HD camera and a larger battery. Find the 720p versions available here RTF with controller https://goo.gl/SXHw6U and BNF no controller , (use your phone instead) https://goo.gl/65dEt1

– Tiny little quadcopter can be safely flown anywhere by just about anyone.
– The CX-OF optical position and altitude hold sensors are surprisingly effective. Holds the quadcopter’s position steady in the air for hands off flying for aerial photography, even outdoors in a gentle wind. Almost as good as a GPS drone. Seriously, this one works very well as compared to other optical position hold quadcopters that I’ve recently reviewed.
– New version has been updated with a 720pHD camera. Works good as a very small selfie drone. At this price point, just don’t expect high end camera/drone results.
– New versions of both the 720p and 0.3MP CX-OF also have a larger battery providing over 5 minutes flight time.
– Programmable dancing mode is a lot of fun. You can use pre-programmed dance moves, or program and save your own complex dance moves for the drone.
– FPV video can be viewed on your smartphone, or the quadcopter can also be flown via its CX-OF app available on Google Play here https://goo.gl/GYS3uW and iTunes here https://goo.gl/cWU1M9
– Includes a waypoint draw mode that actually works. Most other toy quadcopters with this feature will drift with the wind when using similar features. Not this one. You draw a square, it flies a square. You draw a circle, it flies a circle.

– Controller uses slide buttons instead of sticks. It works and makes the controller very compact, but those accustomed to sticks may find it a little awkward
– Position hold will drift if the quadcopter is maneuvered or rotated, or if the quadcopter’s height is greater than about 10 feet. To stabilize it, lower the quadcopter below 10 feet and let go of the controls. The quadcopter will then stabilize itself at its current position.

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