UPS Partners with Drone Company Matternet to Further Delivery Supply Chain

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In another example of how drone delivery is starting to weave it’s way into the fabric of delivery logistics,  UPS has partnered with drone delivery company Matternet to deliver medical samples via drone at the WakeMed’s hospital in Raleigh, N.C.  This type of delivery had previously been done via courier service, that was sometime subject to delays and security concerns.

This is one of a growing number of applications where drones have reached the technological sophistication- and the social acceptance- to be viewed as a successful alternative to current methods of delivery.  This type of application for drone delivery is an example of applications gaining momentum in the US: it is critical,  timely,  and somewhat limited in scope.

If Amazon delivery of goods to every home in the US (or worldwide) is difficult, delivering medical samples along a somewhat fixed flight path to well established take-off and delivery points makes it easier – and helps establish both the use case and the safety case for broader drone delivery programs.


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