Watch: Trailer for Spoof Horror ‘The Drone’ Has Landed

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It’s a little too early for April Fools, so we’re going to go ahead and assume that this is an actual trailer for an actual movie coming out soon. One that actual actors were hired to appear in.

the drone horror film

The film is called ‘The Drone’. It’s about a DJI Phantom that develops a pervy mind of its own and starts killing people.

Here’s the trailer. It’s quite something…

A Serial Killer Drone?

The basic premise is something we are all familiar with: What happens when the technology we develop and rely on gets a mind of its own? It’s a notion films from iRobot to Ex Machina have explored, as well as hit TV series like Black Mirror and West World.

But ‘The Drone’ looks set to take that idea further into the world of spoof horror. In the trailer, the drone does all of the things you might expect from a flying camera with a malevolent mind of its own: Perving on sunbathers; sitting in a creepy rocking chair; dragging a screaming woman across the floor; slicing up police offers; somehow evolving into the next model up, a DJI Inspire.

All in all, it looks like a lot of fun – particularly if you like slasher movies. Not to mention perfect timing. 2018 was the year that drones made the news for interrupting emergency services fighting wildfires, bringing airports to a standstill, colliding with planes, being involved with attempted presidential assassinations and much more. Why not add AI-powered mass murder to the list?

You’ve got to feel for DJI here. It’s bad enough that every negative news story that involves drones comes with a stock image of a DJI product. Now the PR team has got to deal with the sight of its drones causing mayhem on the big screen. We suppose it comes with the territory.


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