What the Heck Wednesday – Trebuchet Take Off!

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This week on What the Heck Wednesday we have a new way to launch your planes. It mounts to your car and offers a convenient, compact trebuchet system with which you can fling your plane right into the air with minimal space required.

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It’s called the AMORES Robotics AVTO-01 UAV Launcher and here’s the rundown on the system. “The AVTO-01 Launcher is based on the patent pending Assisted Vertical Take-off technology developed by the AMORES Robotics Ltd. This technology enables the vertical launch of fixed wing UAVs (RPAs) from small spots. Provides enough altitude to avoid bushes, camp accessories and even small trees. The launch is powered by the potential energy of the transport vehicle, while the arming is supported by an electrical winch. No rubber bands, no pneumatics, no electronics, no sensitive parts. It is robust and cost effective solution for unmanned technology service providers.”

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Source: Jason Cole

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