WHY YOU SHOULD FLY 6"… Hglrc REKON6 Lone Range Fpv Drone – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY! πŸ†βœˆοΈ

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The real long range fpv guys fly 6″ and larger. See and hear how 6″ compares and flies against 4″ and 5″ quads. Justin breaks it down in this review. Fly further.

Buy an Hglrc Rekon6 Analog Version Drone : https://bit.ly/2VpvpCr
Buy an Hglrc Rekon6 DJI HD Drone : https://bit.ly/3yxYARS
Buy a Hglrc Rekon5 Analog Drone : https://bit.ly/3itQ7IF
Buy a Hglrc Rekon4 HD Drone : https://bit.ly/2Rk0cyr
Buy a Hglrc Rekon3 Analog 1S Drone : https://bit.ly/3iwdB1Y
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Justin’s Li-Lion Battery of Choice 4S 3500mah : https://bit.ly/3evkewX
Justin’s Budget Priced Li-Ion Battery : https://bit.ly/3dColHU
Justin’s 4S 1550mah Battery : http://bit.ly/2WSp1hS
Justin’s 6S Battery : http://bit.ly/2KeJMA6

Top 5 Drones for 2021 – Buyer Links

Eachine Novice IV RTF Kit here : https://bit.ly/2Su9fNR
Includes Novice IV Quad, Fpv Goggles, Battery, and more.
38 Minute ZOHD Li-Ion 18650 3500mah battery :
Link here : https://bit.ly/3evkewX
You need this also… Converter from Xt60 to Xt30
Link here : https://bit.ly/2S2YaD6
8% off your order use my code : BGDavis

Full Video Review of the Novice IV here :

iFlight Nazgul5 V2 6S ( DJI Version ) : https://bit.ly/3aQszeC
Buy a iFlight Nazgul5 V2 6S ( Analog Version ) : https://bit.ly/3e3CKyn
Buy a iFlight Nazgul5 V2 4S ( Analog Version ) : https://bit.ly/3t5NikX
Buy iFlight Nazgul5 V1 6S ( Analog Version ) : https://bit.ly/2RaQL4i
Recommended Freestyle 6S Battery : http://bit.ly/2KeJMA6
Recommended Freestyle 4S Battery : http://bit.ly/2LyFkPM
Recommended Long Flight 6S Battery : https://bit.ly/3aDGwLq
Recommended Long Flight 4S Battery : http://bit.ly/2WSp1hS
8% Off Discount Code : BGDavis

Full Video Review of the iFlight Nazgul5 V2 here : https://youtu.be/AueVIPgjLg4

MJX RC BUGS 16 Pro Gps Drone here : https://bit.ly/3hQ1e0f
Save 8% off your order : BGDavis

Full Video Review of the MJX Rc Bugs 16 Pro here :

Geprc TinyGo Rtf ( 4K Version ) Bundle : http://bit.ly/3pIFZhx
Geprc TinyGo Rtf ( Analog Version ) Bundle : http://bit.ly/3rL2vZe
Eachine 6in1 1S Portable Battery Charger : http://bit.ly/2Pig5SB
8% off your order use my code : BGDavis

Full Video Review of the Geprc TinyGo here :

Eachine & Atomrc S E A G U L L
RTF Bundle : https://bit.ly/33SiTw8
Save 8% off your order with code : BGDavis

Recommended Long 10min Flight Battery : https://bit.ly/3uXLNXN
***You need this for the 1550mah battery : https://bit.ly/2S2YaD6
Recommended Freestyle Battery : https://bit.ly/2RcxZtB

Full Video Review of the Seagull RTF here :

Honorable Mention Drones : : :
GepRC SMART 35 ( DJI HD Version ) : https://bit.ly/3tZZaoY
GepRC SMART 35 ( Analog Version ) : https://bit.ly/2SgGbJO
Recommended 3.5 Propellers : https://bit.ly/3f7vLoO
Recommended Battery : https://bit.ly/2RcxZtB
8% off your order use my code : BGDavis

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