Wingtra Announces New Drone with PPK

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The WingtraOne PPK is a new drone from Wingtra. It’s ready to collect data more efficiently in large scale surveying and mapping applications and is available now.

By adding Septentrio’s GNSS board and PPK module to Wingtra’s already existing VTOL drone (the WingtraOne) carrying a 42MP Sony RX1RII full frame camera, Wingtra has managed to reach a new level of accuracy with the WingtraOne PPK. With an RMS error of 1.3 cm (0.5 in) horizontally and 2.3 cm (0.9 in) vertically without any ground control points, plus its PPK module addition, the WingtraOne can cover 130 ha (320 ac) which is equal to 240 football fields. This capabiliy allows it to deliver maps at GSDs below 1 cm/px (0.4 in/px) with absolute accuracy down to 1 cm (0.4 in).

“Wingtra’s advantage is twofold – VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) and the latest PPK technology,” said Wingtra CTO Armin Ambühl. “VTOL combines the best of both worlds: multirotors and fixed-wings. Vertical take-off and landing means hands-free operation and a smoother ride for the on-board sensors. Secondly, efficient flying in fixed-wing mode means far greater coverage than any comparable multirotor.”

After the aerial data collection, Wingtra is able to leverage of its partnership with Pix4D, by using the company’s post-processing software to generate orthophotos and 3D models from the geotagged images. “After post-processing the data, results become visual — the orthomosaics and 3D models are extremely detailed and enable very precise calculations”, added Ambühl.

“Our unique VTOL technology has already helped us establish a firm ground in the market with applications ranging from cadastral surveying of Africa’s largest Uranium mine to digital elevation modeling of Alpine locations”, Wingtra COO Maximilian Boosfeld mentioned. “With the combination of VTOL capability and the PPK, we see a clear advantage over the current aerial surveying solutions. I believe that WingtraOne will generally replace fixed-wings in large coverage mapping missions in the near future as we have just set the new industry benchmark in drone photogrammetry.”

While current WingtraOne owners won’t be able to upgrade directly to the WingtraOne PPK, as it is a very sophisticated product, Marketing Manager Justina Kostinaité assured that the company will find a solution to anyone who has that issue.

In terms of pricing, the non-PPK WingtraOne version bundles start at $20,000. Even though the WingtraOne PPK is now available, Justina says it’s complicated to provide a price as it “highly depends on the customization – chosen cameras, software and accessories.” If you want to find out more, you can contact Wingtra directly or through distributors and find out what is the exact price of the drone for your needs.

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