WLToys Q696-A 2 Axis Gimbal FPV Telemetry 1080p Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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The Q696A is the first toy grade brushed motor drone that comes with a 2 axis stabilized camera gimbal. Also includes 1080p camera, telemetry, and 5.8Ghz FPV system. Find it here, $47 off with coupon LQPWQA https://goo.gl/wzgFZh

– The first toy grade brushed motor quadcopter to include a stabilized two axis camera gimbal. The gimbal actually works well. Gimbal can also be remotely moved up and down.
– Telemetry of battery power, altitude, and velocity. Altitude info from onboard barometer, and velocity info seems to be calculated from the accelerometers.
– Includes a 1080p HD camera with SD card and USB card reader.
– Also includes 5.8 Ghz FPV transmitter and receiver/monitor. FPV transmits on 5.8 Ghz analog band E4 (5645 Mhz), so FPV goggles can be used if unsatisfied with provided FPV monitor.
– Total flight time from the 2600mah battery was 8 minutes 23 seconds (including 1 minute 13 seconds of warmup flight that I did before starting the review). This was the battery’s first flight, so it hasn’t been conditioned yet.
– Automatic takeoff and landing.
– Headless mode and one key return.
– Very bright LEDs. Great night flier.

– Not cheap. That gimbal, camera, and FPV really bumps up the price.
– Brushed motor quadcopter. Will eventually require replacement of motors.
– Won’t allow flips with the camera and gimbal attached.
– One key return is standard toy grade return (backwards parallel flying of takeoff heading), and is NOT a true return to home and landing.
– Video jello. Props may need balancing to reduce. Here’s how https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vakWrc86xE
– Telemetry battery power is somehat inaccurate. Also very little time between low battery warning beep and automatic descent of quadcopter. But the quadcopter does descend to a landing on low battery (doesn’t fall from the sky like a brick).
– Over 250 grams. Will require FAA registration in the USA. It takes $5 and 5 minutes to get it here https://registermyuas.faa.gov/

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