WLToys V212 Quadcopter Drone at 720p 60fps

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I’ve had my V212 quadcopter drone for over a year, and it’s still one of my favorites to fly regularly. This has hundred’s of flights on it, and is still in almost new shape. No repair has been required at all for the whole time I’ve had it, testifying on how well made it is. WLToys V212, still a great mid-sized quadcopter, and a great bang for your buck at $46: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-WLtoys-V949-Upgraded-V212-2_4G-6-Axis-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-Mode-2-p-68517.html?p=RB0922217402201307U3

Most of my videos are recorded in 1080p HD using my Mobius action camera. But it also has a 720p HD mode that records at 60 frames per second. YouTube has recently updated top allow 60 fps videos, and this is my first attempt at it. To view at 60 fps, make sure to select 720p in the YouTube player’s settings “gear shaped” icon.


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