Women of Commercial Drones: “Act Now” to Increase Diversity

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The Women of Commercial Drones are addressing gender disparity in tech – and the drone industry – head-on.  In an op-ed by the Women of Commercial Drones organization, published by Drone360 magazine, the writers say that “it’s not enough for companies to simply assert the value of gender balance and a diversified culture. We have to take concrete steps towards the achievement of this goal in order to produce meaningful changes to our workplace.”

After pointing out the disparities in leadership roles thoughout the tech industry, the article calls for the robotics and drone industry to “act now” to create inclusive organizations – and offers concrete points on how to achieve the goal.

“First, organizations must ensure that talented women of all backgrounds are given meaningful opportunities to serve in technical and leadership roles within their organizations or on corporate boards,” says the article, and goes on to point out that a “meaningful opportunity” has impact: “Managers must ensure that women of all stripes are given opportunities to lead important meetings, speak publicly on behalf of the organization, and to otherwise begin to see themselves as leaders,” say the authors.

Second,  the article addresses the need for workplaces to provide networking and resources – and to set the tone from the top of the organization.  “Employee resource groups that are supportive of women in tech not only provide an opportunity for women to congregate and provide each other with much-needed support and morale, they also send an important message from leadership to its employees: Diversity is our priority,” says the article.

Finally, the op-ed suggests that organizations invest in the next generation of women in tech – “creating a pipeline of talented women to fill tomorrow’s leadership roles.”

“We, the women of the robotics and drone industry, believe that our organizations can demonstrate their trust and respect in our leadership by giving us new opportunities to serve and grow, and we believe that we all must have the faith and conviction to invest in the next generation of women leaders.”

Women of Commercial Drones is a resource group for women in the field.  Founded by prominent drone industry figures Gretchen West and Lisa Ellman of law firm Hogan Lovells, and Trumbull Unmanned CEO and Founder Dyan Gibbens, the organization’s goal is to “encourage women to be bold in pursuit of their careers in this market.”



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