World’s First Insurance Policy By Drone

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Customers Now Able to Select Innovative Delivery Options for their Insurance

Go, the #1 iPhone app for car insurance, today announced it has delivered the world’s first insurance policy by drone.

Go completed the first private trial in the Los Angeles area, and the first customer delivery was completed this past week. Earlier this year, Go introduced the world’s first car insurance app that can deliver a policy in the time it takes to post an Instagram story. Now Go is continuing to expand its delivery options for iPhone users with three options.

First, customers can continue to get their insurance delivered instantly with Apple Wallet on iPhone. After snapping a photo and using Apple Pay, their insurance card and policy are instantly accessible in Wallet. Second, when it’s available, they can choose the new delivery option of “Drone.” With the tap of a button, they can receive their insurance delivered by an unmanned aerial vehicle1, or a drone. Third, when it’s available, they can choose the new delivery option of “Robot.” Again with the tap of a button, they can receive their insurance delivered by a robot.

All three delivery options, Wallet, Drone, and Robot, feature custom Go designed branding and visual appearance to make it easy for customers to recognize the Go brand.

The world’s first insurance delivery drone customer, Ryan Klenz, 26, from Oshkosh, WI, describes his experience: “I found Go on the App Store, snapped my license, used Apple Pay, and chose ‘Drone’ for delivery. It was amazing. I can’t believe you can actually do that.”

The specific location of the drone delivery took place in Manhattan Beach, in the Los Angeles area. Not only was the delivery in a classic California setting, but the coastal airspace has become a more popular suggestion for the expansion of drones, along with the Go brand and design which evokes Southern California.

“We’re thrilled to bring another world-first to our customers who have always shared that one of the reasons they really like Go is because it’s so easy to use,” said Kevin Pomplun, Go’s Co-Founder & Chief Executive, who grew up in Southern California. “Also, customers tell us that Go lets them do exciting things with insurance that didn’t think were possible. Whether by Wallet, Drone, or Robot, starting today it’s even easier for customers to get their insurance with Go.”

Go was designed specifically for iPhone and is iPhone and Apple Pay only. It makes car insurance remarkably simple by letting customers use their camera, Messages, Apple Pay, rich notifications, Wallet, Core ML, Touch ID, and now SiriKit to have an effortless purchasing experience. It all makes Go the simplest, easiest, and fastest way to get insurance.

To get the Go app for iPhone, iMessage, and Watch on the App Store, please visit:

1 Available only in FAA authorized commercial airspace.

FAA UAS Facility Map are available here


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