XK A110 MQ-9 Predator Reaper Drone Three Channel Stabilized RC Airplane Flight Test Review

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This great flying scale model of the MQ-9 Reaper drone includes elevator control to allow stunts and very sharp turns. Find it here https://goo.gl/t48Npu

– Flying model the MQ-9 Reaper military drone. Details includes weapons, antenna, spinning pinwheel back propeller, and many decals.
– Comes ready to fly with transmitter.
– Three channel control includes throttle, differential yaw, and elevator control. Elevator control provides ability for stunts.
– Fully stabilized gyro mode prevents flips and rollovers making it very easy to fly for beginners. The pitch stabilizer can be turned off at the push of a button to enable loops and sharp turns. But even with the stabilizer off, the plane is very stable and forgiving. Simply let go of the pitch/roll stick if you get into trouble, and the plane will quickly right itself.
– Common 3.7 V 300mah battery can fly this drone for about 10 minutes. Replacement batteries are very common and cheap to keep you flying.
– Although it’s a DIY, it’s very easy to build. Here an assembly instruction video https://youtu.be/BNiU4yMFEKQ
It does require glueing of EPO foam. Note that EPO will melt with some glues (such as contact cement). I used hot melt glue to assemble mine. But other glues may work, and should first be tested using the planes styrofoam packing material.

– Possible flyaway potential. Motors go to full power upon loss of transmitter signal.
– Although the listing says glue is included, there was no glue included in the package with my plane. EPO styrofoam is sensitive to some glues and solvents (remember to test the glue that you plan to use). EPO can also be easily damaged in a crash. Recommend doing your first flights in grassy fields until you feel comfortable flying this plane.
– Decals are difficult to install.
– Free spinning decorative propeller creates drag. Recommend not installing it for best performance.

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