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The first USA review of the XK A1200 is here! I eagerly charged up the flight battery. Took 2 mins to build by adding two screws to the tail and snapped the wing together. Added the JF-01 Fpv camera/tx, and I was ready to fly! This is a full flight demo and review. One of my favorite and best flying planes so far this year. The A1200 rocks!

Buy an XK A1200 here:

Buy the AIO JF-01 FPV Camera here: ( you must solder a JST on for power)

Drone Camps RC – Full Review

– Super durable EPO Foam. This is the most dense foam available.
– Fun to fly and fpv. So relaxing in 6G stabilize mode. Just cruise
and look around at your surroundings.
– The extra red JST plug coming off the ESC is for plugging in an FPV cam setup that can handle 7.2 volts or more. Don’t plug in a 5 volt cam system into this!
– 2S 2000mah battery ( affordable to buy more ).
– Two versions available: FPV version and Non-Fpv version
– Non-Fpv version $125 ready to fly! Come on thats awesome.
– Low power draw motor for long flights.
– Comes with a switch for turning on and off the stabilization board.
– Mildly suitable for long range Fpv experience.
– Comes with 3 flight modes
– Wing snaps off for easy transport.
– servo wires dont hang out. It has micro jst plugs!
– Rear facing “pusher prop” is great for belly landings.
– Comes with an extra prop
– Comes with a good transmitter
– Suitable for a beginner to advanced pilot

– Hand launching for the first time is a little sketchy. The auto-level will make the plane appear to wag up and down on launch. The auto-level will be fighting to keep it level as you gain altitude.

Star Rating: 5 out of 5.

Product size (L x W x H): 22.50 x 89.50 x 120.00 cm / 8.86 x 35.24 x 47.24 inches

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