XK X520 Brushless VTOL Vertical Takeoff Acrobatics Flight Test Review

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This easy to fly stabilized VTOL RC airplane is very aerobatic, even in the hands of new fixed wing pilots. Find it here https://goo.gl/TCVg8X

and here is its flight demonstration

– Highly maneuverable in 3D mode, great for acrobatics. Yet easy to fly in 6G stabilized vertical and horizontal modes.
– Large and light weight flying wing with plenty of lift.
– Two 1307 brushless motors can send this skyward vertically like a rocket.
– 6G/3D gyro/accelerometer stabilizer with three settings; vertical stabilization for vertical takeoff and landings, horizontal stabilzation for horizontal flight and horizontal takeoffs and landings, and horizontal 3D mode for acrobatics or normal flying.
– Much better flier in horizontal stabilized mode than the Eachine Mirage 500. X520 includes sharp stabilized banked turns in 6G mode.
– BNF includes 7.4V 950mah 20C LiPo that gives approximately 15 minutes flight time.
– Available in multiple versions of RTF, night versions, and 5G WiFi FPV.

– Motors run in idle when armed. The propellers can be damaged if the plane flips on its back. Emergency motor shutdown is complicated, requiring simultaneous pressing of two buttons.
– Battery door can be difficult to close.

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