You Can Now Buy An Anamorphic Lens… For Your DJI Drone

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If you haven’t heard of anamorphic lenses before, you’ve almost certainly seen and enjoyed the results of their application. They’re most commonly used in Hollywood, and are a key element behind the cinematic visuals and production value we have come to associate with movies on the big screen.

Anamorphic lenses produce a distinct aspect ratio that differs from your everyday standard spherical lens. An anamorphic lens effectively distorts the image before it hits your camera’s sensor by making it wider horizontally than it is vertically.

moment anamorphic lens for dji mavic 2

You can now get an anamorphic lens for your DJI drone.

It’s popular for big-screen movies because it allows filmmakers to add width without losing out on image resolution. So you get those characteristic black bars and a cinematic crop without compromising on the original quality of your shots.

You also get a number of other stylistic effects that you would otherwise have to work on in post-production. One example is lens flares, which add a surreal, expressive and futuristic vibe to your videos.

In Moment’s own words, the new lens provides “juicy horizontal flares, true black bars, and that buttery cinematic look. Attachable to the front of your DJI Mavic Pro or Zoom, this lens uses our premium glass to get that wide-angle shot without losing compression. This lens will deliver the results that were once only reserved for Hollywood camera setups.”

Moment Air

We don’t usually talk about crowdfunding campaigns because of the many drone-related horror stories we’ve seen in recent years. But in this case we’re going to make an exception for a couple of reasons. First, Moment has a solid track record of delivering results on the back of Kickstarter campaigns.

And second, we have to adjust to the reality that established companies are now viewing crowdfunding platforms as a marketing tool and a way to reward brand loyalty, not just a place to gain hopeful investment for a bold concept or idea.

Moment’s anamorphic lens for DJI Mavic Pro 2 has been designed to be lightweight and not hinder the gimbal’s balance.

There’s also a lot of faith in the drone community for this particular product, which has already been designed, prototyped and tested. The campaign reached its funding goal after just four hours.

For $199 you can reserve an anamorphic lens for your DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom, which is expected to ship in November. You can find out more about the product, the campaign and the other drone-related accessories Moment is launching, here.


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