Yuneec Enters Commercial Drone Market with the Yuneec H520

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Yuneec H520 in the field

Yuneec H520 in the field

Yuneec International, the firm founded in Hong Kong in 1999, today announced the availability of the H520 sUAS, the company’s first product targeted at the commercial market. The H520 system incorporates Yuneec’ssix-rotor platform along with enterprise-grade cameras and mission planning software for high-end commercial use in industries such as public safety, construction, inspection, video production, among others.

Camera Payload Options

The H520 offers stable flight with a variety of payload options, and an integrated ground controller while that maintains aviation precision and safety. The H520 sUAS is initially available with the E90 high-resolution camera utilizing a large aperture, one-inch sensor. The E50 and CGOET, a thermal imaging camera and low light camera, are available for preorder and will ship later this fall.  The entire line of commercial UAV will be offered with Yuneec’s all-new YES! commercial service program.

The H520 sUAS, engineered for industrial and commercial environments, features a high visibility hazard orange fuselage and a six-rotor design capable of emergency flight with only five rotors.  The H520 modular design is compatible with Yuneec’s E90, E50 and CGOET cameras.  All camera payloads are interchangeable and hot-swap capable, offering time-saving convenience for the commercial operator. The E50 camera is a medium focal length, high-resolution camera perfectly suited for use in inspections and for broadcast. It provides up-close visuals while keeping the airframe a safe distance from the asset.  The E90 is a wide-angle, high-resolution camera for applications that require high quality photos and video as it utilizes a 20-megapixel one-inch Sony Exmor sensor and the latest Ambarella H2 high-speed image-processing chip. These specs make it suitable for building information modeling, 2D/3D mapping as well as film production. The CGOET dual thermal-RGB camera is specifically designed for public safety, search and rescue, and solar inspection applications and is the industry’s first combined thermal and residual light camera with integrated gimbal.  The E90 and E50 cameras also include adapter rings which allow mounting of standard, high performance third-party filters.

Camera motion and Gimbal Flexibility

All of Yuneec’s commercial cameras are capable of a continuous 360-degree motion, providing an unobstructed view from any angle when paired with the H520’s retractable landing gear. Additionally, the camera and gimbal are capable of a 20-degree up-angle for upward-looking inspections. The H520 comes with the professional-grade Android-based ST16S controller, which has a large 7-inch integrated display and HD 720p video downlink for real-time video reception, and an HDMI uplink for distribution to external monitors.

“Our team of engineers and product managers have conducted extensive field testing to refine the H520 software and create a best-in-class commercial-grade UAV,” said Dr. Michael Jiang, CEO of Yuneec International. “We’re confident operators will discover the H520 is a versatile tool for a variety of enterprise applications thanks to its suite of dependable, reliable and advanced features including DataPilot™, Yuneec’s integrated mission planning software.”

Flight Planning and Closed Architecture

Yuneec DataPilot is a complete solution for planning survey and waypoint-based UAV flight. Unlike other flight planning applications, DataPilot is integrated with the hardware and software control system utilized by the Yuneec H520 sUAS.  DataPilot, which is tightly coupled to the PX4 flight control architecture, was developed in conjunction with Lorenz Meier, head of Advanced R&D, who was recognized as an honoree of MIT Technology Review’s 2017 Innovators Under 35 list.

A key advantage of complete system integration is that UAV operation can be operated as a closed architecture. Jiang added, “Yuneec’s customers recognize the importance of keeping data and images secure. The Yuneec data ecosystem empowers users and organizations to control their data at all times. Yuneec commercial sUAS do not collect and do not share telemetry or visual data to internal or external parties.”

The H520 also has a software development kit, which allows third parties to develop value-added applications and services on the sUAS platform for a variety of commercial uses. The Mobile SDK gives developers access and control over the hardware and software components of the Yuneec UAV platform. Christoph Strecha, CEO & Founder of Pix4D, Yuneec software partner and creator of industry leading data imaging applications, claims, “The Yuneec H520 SDK will enable Pix4D to provide software that is more tightly integrated with the UAV flight system and data capture process, resulting in more accurate 3D representation of site maps or aggregate volumetrics.”

The YES! Commercial Extended Service program is intended to give professional users peace of mind to minimize their sUAS downtime so they can focus on getting the job done. This program consists of 4 service package levels ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold to Platinum, each of which include a one or two-year warranty option. The base Bronze service package includes a one or two year warranty with unlimited manufacturer defect repairs and two (one year) or three (two year) no fault repairs. The full service Platinum package includes a two-year no hassle warranty with next day advance replacement and one to two annual tune-ups. Service options range from $399 to $2,499.

The H520 is available in a variety of configurations with prices ranging from $1,999 to $4,699. Go here for more information on the H520, E90/E50/CGOET camera payloads, DataPilot, SDK platform and YES! Commercial service program.


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