ZLL SG108 Pro 2 Axis Gimbal GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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This brushless GPS camera drone should be a good entry drone for new fliers. Find it here http://bit.ly/SG108_Pro

– Small unobtrusive folding drone. Comes with nice carrying case for portability.
– Good GPS system with automatic return to home and landing on command, loss of signal, and low voltage.
– Optical flow sensor for indoor flight hovering of the drone.
– Brushless motors for power, durability, and longevity.
– 7.4V 2200 mah battery provides about 17 minutes of flight time.
– 2 axis stabilized camera gimbal provides steady in flight video.
– Onboard micro SD card writer providing recording capability without use of your phone.
– Camera records 2K (2048 x 1080p resolution) video at 25 fps, and 4K still photos at 4096 x 3072 pixels.
– HFun Pro app provides real time in-flight video viewed on your phone (requires 802.11ac WiFi capable phone). The app also provides advanced flight mode capabilities, such as follow me.
– Advertised FPV video range is up to 800 meters and is dependent on your phone and WiFi interference in your flying area (I got a little over 100 meters). Control range is much further at up to 1000 meters. As this drone has an onboard SD card writer, you will still be able to record video and photos if you fly out of FPV range.

– The drone’s app requires use with a 802.11ac WiFi capable phone. Not all phone’s have this capability. Before purchasing, it is important to first verify that your phone has this capability.
– Weighs 273 grams. It will require registration in many countries.
– The drone’s waypoints and circle position feature did not work with the HFun Pro app. Additionally the HFun Pro app produced severe lag (on the order of minutes) when viewing FPV video.

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