ZLRC Beast SG906 Folding Long Flying Brushless GPS Drone Flight Test Review

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This folding camera drone includes software stabilization of in-flight videos. Find it here http://bit.ly/SC906-Beast

– Large folding drone with GPS and optical flow hover capability.
– Electronic video stabilization using your phone’s processor via the Hfun Plus app.
– Includes very nice carrying case with strap for transporting the drone, controller, and accessories.
– GPS/GLONASS provides accurate positioning of the drone. Also enables true return to home and landing capability on command, lost transmitter signal, and low battery.
– Advanced flight modes of GPS follow me and circle position works very well.
– Available with 1080p or 4K/2K video camera. 2K/4K version records video in 2K, and still photos in 4K resolution.
– Also includes 720p HD belly camera for optical flow hovering, or for video recording looking directly down.
– Good FPV range of close to 300 meters.
– Camera lens can be tilted up or down remotely using the provided transmitter/controller.
– In flight video can be viewed and recorded to your smartphone using the “Hfun Plus” app available on Google Play here http://bit.ly/HfunPlus and iTunes here http://bit.ly/Hfun-Plus. App also provides advanced flight and video processing capabilities.
– 7.4V 2800mah battery provides average flight time of about 20 minutes per charge. Available with optional bundled 1, 2 or 3 batteries.

– Uses 802.11ac WiFi. Unfortunately not all phones have this type of WiFi. Before considering purchase, first verify that your phone is indee 802.11ac WiFi capable, or you may be very disappointed.
– No SD card. Video and photos are recorded directly to your phone via 802.11ac WiFi. Expect usual video frame dropping if the WiFi signal gets weak.
– Battery protection tab on the front of the battery must be removed before inserting battery. Otherwise you may encounter difficulty fully inserting the battery into the drone.
– Optical flow feature can not be manually selected. It is only activated if the GPS system does not have sufficient satellites to maintain hover position.
– Lots of on screen lag (delayed video). The advanced features and video stabilization are all accomplished using your phone’s processor. Older/slower phones may aggravate this lag. Lag can be reduced if using a phone with better processing capability.
– I could not get advanced features of optical tracking, gesture control, or waypoints to work. But this again may be a problem of using my older phone.

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